Complete Package

Professional quality individual and team management system with multi-language, and multi sport capability.

Live Media

Professional level league and competition manager, with live scores, live video feeds, instant stats, registration, payments and more...

All In One

Secure package with independent website, email, backup, domains, hosting, staff management, registration and more as standard.


Unique new range of payment systems from online, debit and credit card, through to smart watch and NFC, and even club membership and credit card systems.

Apps Packed

Modern and constantly developing new interactive platform linked to PC, tablet, phone and smartwatch, with next generation apps rolling out regularly.


New app system allowing for third party apps development, including our own sports health/fitness/achievement statistics/tracker, in match reffing system, match broadcasting...

why SportZmind

Why SportZmind

The SportZmind multilingual sports package offers you a forever developing suite of tools that will make the management of your members, team, club, or league/tournament/event, fluid, easy and cost effective. By providing you all the tools that you will need in one place, and an array of future apps, we can assure you that you will only ever need one piece of software to operate from.

Online Registration

Fully-customizable secure registration platform that provides multiple levels of information and access to data, so the right data will always be to hand. With a cross-sport and cross-organisation capability, your data becomes a lot more than a piece of local data, but a record of your achievements, making this system ideal for small clubs, all the way up to federations.



Our unique auto-scheduling system allows for an array of options for every coordinator, from individual team needs, to mid-season switching, error correcting and a lot more. Plug it into your calendar, or that of the venue, and you will never book in on a holiday. Link to your members, and they will automatically be notified of games, to which they can respond their attendance.

Team Sites

Team sites are provided as standard, where teams and clubs can manage their team to the nth degree. Design your page, add your logo, your players, automatically contact and schedule your squad, management, list games and scores, statistics, payments, costs, and a lot lot more. And if that was not enough, there will be an array of apps being launched to give you even more handy tools for management, equipment, trips…


Smart administration

With secure login, and administrator management, you decide who can see what on your team page, you can add users, change their access and a lot more.

  • Social media integration
  • Security
  • Any device
  • One Platform for everything
  • Custom website