Frequently asked questions

What else do you want to know?

You will find most of your questions answered here. However, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

No. Anyone with a minimum knowledge to surf the Internet can learn to use our platform in just a few hours. Also, thanks to our support, you can solve all the doubts you have.

No, we take care of everything. In less than 48 hours we create the platform, set up the web address you have chosen (example: All you have to do is log in, add basic data, and then the site will be live. You can then add data and information with it all appearing live on the site.

Of course, since our prices are adapted to any type of customer. SportZentral will be profitable for both for a small tournaments, or for professional leagues, local clubs, or national clubs, popular races up to federation management.

SportZentral allows the organization of any competition, club, sport, or association in an efficient, quick and reliable manner. The face of your organisation will improve, allowing management, reporting, follow up and interaction, both ways. Users will interact more, and the ability to make money through your events and shop will increase.

We provide email and web hosting, site management and ANY additional service that you may require. As we develop and manage this system with our own staff, revisions and additions to the software is done with ease.

At multiple points during the year we release new versions of the software with all the requests of our clients. This happens instantly and seamlessly. Should you require bespoke adaptions to the software, we can do that on a private contract. In every way, SportZentral is like having a customized system tool, but at the price of an off the shelf program.